Friday, December 25, 2009

Just what is the Smart Grid and what will it do?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the smart grid. At its most basic, the smart grid is a transformation from the current one-way power delivery network to one that is more consumer-interactive. It provides the infrastructure to allow consumers to monitor their energy use more closely and increase their energy efficiency. Think of the world of Thomas Edison combined with the technology of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Here at SCE&G we too are exploring and implementing some smart grid technologies. Do customers want to see their energy use in real time? Would that information cause them to regulate their usage? Or, would most find the high tech (like programming that old VCR) too cumbersome? What would such a smart grid cost and would it benefit enough customers to be cost efficient? What would the infrastructure for this type of system require – both for SCE&G and the access point for our customers?

These are just some of the questions we and other utilities are pondering at the moment. As we continue to roll out related programs, we want to ensure the technology is of value to you.

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  1. I'm very interested in Smart Grid and smart metering by consumers. When will SCE&G roll out this new technology to its customers?

  2. Smart meter and smart grid technology are still in their infancy, but SCE&G is exploring them and what it can offer while the technology develops.

    SCE&G has offered net metering for about two years with approximately 50 residential customers and about a half a dozen commercial customers. We have also recently rolled out a pilot program that allows a select group of customers to install residential energy information displays in their home. If successful, it will be rolled out to more customers. Finally, SCE&G has installed automatic meter reading technology to every electric and gas customer in its territory. These meters do not have to be read manually – they actually are read via wireless communication technology.

    For more information on these and other programs, please check out our website at


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