Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to SCE&G's EnergyWise Blog

As we talk to you, our customers, every day, more and more of those conversations are turning to energy efficiency. We created this blog to give you an opportunity to get information you can use from our energy experts and to share ideas and tips for saving energy in your homes and businesses.

Each week, our energy experts will post a new article related to energy efficiency. This article will serve as a conversation starter. We encourage you to post your own questions or comments. Throughout the week, our experts will answer questions, provide additional information on the posted topic and give updates on the latest developments in energy efficiency.

We’re excited about starting the EnergyWise Blog, and look forward to the great conversations to come. Together, we can all learn to use energy more wisely.

Have an energy efficiency question?

Welcome to the EnergyWise® blog, a place to gain insights into energy efficiency tips and programs offered by South Carolina Electric & Gas. Have a specific question? Ask our Energy Team or comment to one of our posts below.